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At CCJ Remodel and Renovations, transforming your living space is our passion. We’re all about blending safety, elegance, and rock-solid integrity into every corner of your home. Picture working hand-in-hand with our dedicated experts, tailoring every detail of your renovation to fit like a glove with your lifestyle. We’re here to turn your room into the dream space you’ve always envisioned, crafting spaces that mirror your taste and leap beyond your expectations. Welcome to the home you’ve been dreaming of.

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    Why Choose us?

    With a steadfast commitment to maintaining your home’s structural integrity, we stand out by ensuring every design and remodel meets the highest standards. Our no-shortcut approach, with access to high-quality materials and a team of experienced professionals, guarantees your project meets and exceeds expectations. We’re dedicated to transforming your living space into a haven of comfort and style.

    Discover the CCJ Difference

    Experience the difference with CCJ Remodel and Renovations. Our comprehensive approach ensures your remodeling project is a seamless and satisfying journey from start to finish. We provide innovative solutions to common challenges, ensuring durability, functionality, and beauty—partner with us to experience a commitment to high-quality, timely, and stunning transformations for your space.


    Bathroom Tacoma WA

    Bathroom Remodel/Renovation

    Indulge in the luxury of a customized bathroom that blends functionality with elegance. Our team of experts focuses on creating personalized spaces that cater to your unique preferences, incorporating high-quality materials and innovative designs. Whether it’s a serene spa-like retreat or a stylish, efficient space, we ensure every detail contributes to a bathroom you’ll love for years to come.

    Kitchen Remodel/Renovation

    Transform your kitchen into the heart of your home with our specialized remodel and renovation services. We understand the importance of a functional and inviting kitchen space, so we focus on optimizing the layout, enhancing usability, and incorporating your style. From modern upgrades to classic redesigns, our team guarantees a beautiful kitchen perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

    Kitchen Remodel Tacoma WA
    Chandelier Tacoma WA

    Home Addition/Remodel/Renovation

    Expand and enhance your living space with our expertly designed home additions and renovations. Whether you want to add a new room or upgrade existing spaces, our team ensures seamless integration with your home’s style and structure. We focus on maximizing space, improving functionality, and elevating design, turning your home into the ultimate sanctuary tailored to your needs and preferences.

    (includes deck and patio covers)

    Elevate your outdoor living experience with our custom-designed decks and patio covers. Our approach combines aesthetics with functionality, creating spaces perfect for relaxation and entertainment. We use durable materials and thoughtful designs to ensure your outdoor area enhances your home’s overall appeal and usability. Let us help you transform your backyard into a beautiful and inviting extension of your living space.
    Deck Tacoma WA
    Bathroom Remodel & Renovation Tacoma, Washington


    Enhance your home with our exquisite tile work. Our skilled craftsmen specialize in installing a wide range of tiles, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal. Whether it’s a sophisticated backsplash, a durable floor, or an artistic wall feature, our meticulous attention to detail and commitment to quality materials guarantee a finish that adds character and value to your space.


    Discover the craftsmanship and beauty of custom carpentry with our professional services. From bespoke furniture to detailed architectural woodwork, our experienced carpenters bring precision and artistry to every project. We focus on creating functional pieces that enhance your home’s aesthetic, ensuring each project is tailored to your specific design preferences and needs.


    Three simple steps to your dream home

    Embark on a smooth and transparent journey with CCJ Remodel and Renovations to transform your living space into the home of your dreams. Our streamlined process is designed to make your renovation experience as seamless and stress-free as possible, ensuring your project reflects your vision and meets our high standards of quality and craftsmanship.

    Discover & Design

    Share your vision with us, and our expert designers will tailor the perfect plan to bring your ideas to life.

    Customize Your Space

    Select from our comprehensive range of remodeling services to customize your project, ensuring every detail aligns with your preferences and lifestyle.

    Enjoy The Transformation

    Sit back and watch as our skilled team works diligently to transform your space, turning your dream home into a reality.

    Expertise with a Personal Touch

    • Customized Consulting: We start by deeply understanding your desires, ensuring a journey tailored uniquely to you, and making your remodeling dreams a reality.
    • Uncompromised Quality: Selecting only the highest-quality materials, we guarantee durability and aesthetic beauty in every aspect of your project.
    • Guidance Every Step: Our experts are with you at every turn, providing ongoing advice and ensuring your project's success from conception to completion.
    • Seamless Process: We promise a hassle-free experience, managing every detail to deliver stunning results that exceed your expectations.
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    CCJ Remodel and Renovations Tacoma WA

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do you ensure project quality?

    Our commitment to quality is unwavering. We prioritize structural integrity and utilize only high-quality materials, adhering strictly to building codes and industry standards. Our experienced team conducts thorough quality checks at every project stage, ensuring every detail meets our rigorous criteria for excellence and your complete satisfaction.

    How can I start my project?

    Starting your project with CCJ Remodel and Renovations is easy. Simply contact us to schedule a personalized consultation. During this consultation, we’ll discuss your vision, preferences, and requirements, providing you with an estimate and a detailed plan to bring your renovation dreams to life.

    Can you accommodate my budget?

    Absolutely. Everyone deserves their dream home, so we offer customized solutions to fit your budget. Our team works with you to identify priorities and options that maximize value without compromising quality, ensuring you get the best results within your financial plan.

    What is the project timeline?

    Each remodeling project is unique, and timelines can vary based on the scope and complexity of the work. However, we focus on efficiency and clear communication throughout the process, keeping you informed every step of the way. We aim to complete your project on time while ensuring the final outcome meets your expectations and our high standards.

    Dreaming of a perfect home?

    Have a plan in mind? Kickstart your journey with a free estimate from CCJ Remodel and Renovations. Let us turn your vision into reality, commitment-free. Together, we'll craft the home of your dreams, ensuring every step meets your highest expectations. Start today—your ideal space awaits.